Monday, 25 May 2020

Night of the Ninja

Possibly the best scenario in the Samurai Blades booklet, although I do also really like the one with the Samurai monks defending the temple. This time the ninjas were lethal and wiped out the whole of the defenders including the target, Lord Misikado, although he did go down fighting and not in his pyjamas!

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Samurai Blades

The sprog asked if he could play a game of two of Samurai Blades the other day, so I'll be dusting off my old dog eared copy for a scenario or two over the week. I love this game, even if Cry Havoc is my favourite in the Standard Games series, so I'm really looking forward to it especially the ninja scenario!

Sunday, 17 May 2020


I'm going to dig out my old copy of Battlecars for some games with the kids this week. It's one of my favourite games from when I was at school and I spent (wasted?) a lot of time in the sixth form playing back to back games with my friends instead of doing essays and homework. It's great fun and easy to pick up, so I'm hoping that the kids will enjoy it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Battle Ravens Normans

I've just unpunched a Norman army for Battle Ravens, which looks great and has some really neat cards to give it some interesting tactical moves against the Anglo Saxons. Good stuff! You've got to love the Peter Dennis artwork as well, although I wish he'd make fewer sticky out bits on the counters, as they always end up delaminating when you punch them out.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Battle Ravens

I've been playing a few games of Battle Ravens with the kids over the last couple of days. It's now my favourite beer and pretzels board game, as it's loads of fun, very tactical and stuffed full of historical flavour. I haven't tried using the advanced rules and cards yet but I'm going to have a go tomorrow. Even better, I haven't lost a game yet playing as the Anglo Saxons! I have a Welsh army to try out and have ordered a Norman army too, so there's plenty of replay value to be had in the long run. A brilliant little game!

Monday, 20 April 2020

X-Wing All Stars

I played another game of X-Wing today against my eldest son after his younger brother decided he didn't want to play if he was going to lose (?). Anyway, this was a straight up dogfight between the elite of the rebellion - Skywalker, Antilles and so on - and the best of the Imperial Academy TiE fighter wing. It was really fast and furious, as we were not using any upgrade cards, so it was just a pure head to head shoot out. In the end, the rebels thrashed the Imperials, with three of the bad guys blown up and the other bugging out at high speed. Victory to the Empire! (that's me!)

Sunday, 19 April 2020

X-Wing: Destroy the Shield Generator!

Another nice day and another al-fresco game of X-Wing, this time with my TiE bomber and TiE fighter escort on a mission to blow up a rebel shield generator. The rebels played by my son, defended the target with an A Wing and an X-Wing, which sounds a bit one sided until you factor in all the upgrades and pilot ratings, which evened it out to 50 points a side. It was a really good game and I managed to blow up the shield generator with concussion missiles but at the cost of one TiE bomber shot down and a TiE fighter badly damaged. Long Live the Empire!