Monday, 28 November 2016

Battlecars Rebooted

There are some outstanding updated and cleaned up rules, sheets and counters for the classic GW boardgame Battlecars available to download from the excellent Esoteric Order of Gamers site, which would fully equip you to have a go at this great Beer and Pretzels game for the price of a printer cartridge, some A4 card and a laminator:

It's well worth a look and you'll find plenty of other classic easy to play games there too. 

Saturday, 26 November 2016


In an effort to prize the sprog away from his computer games this morning, I set up a quick replay of the old GW game Battlecars, using the original game components and some customised car sheets that I created  a few years ago. This is always a very enjoyable game to play and usually results in a pretty spectacular end for one or more of the vehicles. I set up an industrial zone with some oil spills and smoke from power plants drifting across the board. In the end, the action was fought in the middle of the board, so these didn't make much of a difference to the outcome.

The two cars started in opposing corners, drove towards each other at high speed, firing missiles as they accelerated then rammed each other head on at speed 7, resulting in massive ram damage in Turn 3 of the game. They disengaged and then proceeded to hammer each other at close range, with my driver coming off very much the worse for wear, as the engine and front weapon pods were smashed to scrap metal. I managed to pull off a 3 point turn to bring my flamethrowers to bear but, with some very poor dice rolls did little damage, unlike the sprog who proceeded to blow my car to smithereens.

It didn't last very long but it was a fun game and we'll be taking it on holiday in a few weeks time as the sprog was suitably enthused and wants a re-match! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


I was down in Southampton this afternoon for an interview so popped into Forbidden Planet on the way back to the railway station. I hadn't been in there for years so was pleased to find a fair selection of games including what I was looking for, some more X Wing models. I bought a second B Wing to add to my collection but also splashed out on a copy of Zombies!!! as it's a classic Beer and Pretzels game but one that I haven't actually played before, believe it or not.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Table Air Combat U-2LSh

This is the latest addition to the Table Air Combat flight line and a really interesting one too. There are five scenarios included and, as you'd expect, they include a ground attack mission for the famous Night Witches - as well as other scenarios for artillery spotting, interdiction and partisan re-supply. I wasn't expecting this one but I'm really pleased that it's been added to the available aircraft, where it will fit in really well alongside the existing mid-war Soviet and German planes. Excellent! I really should have another game of this soon, as it's a cracking little system and great fun to play.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

More X Wing Planets

I spotted these illuminated multicolour plastic globes in Homebase today in the sale shelves, so grabbed the two that were left to use as planets for my X Wing games and for other deep space miniatures rules like Full Thrust or Starmada. They are slightly smaller than the moon that I found the other day but they look really good together. I now need some asteroids and space junk to navigate around!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

X Wing Planet Prop

I found this glow in the dark illuminated plastic moon model in the local shops today. It only cost four quid and there were quite a stack of them on a stocking filler display in the Co-op down the road, so I grabbed one to use for X Wing. I may get a couple more, repaint them and use them as line of sight blocking asteroid terrain, even though they're a bit on the small side for planets Good find!