Saturday, 26 November 2016


In an effort to prize the sprog away from his computer games this morning, I set up a quick replay of the old GW game Battlecars, using the original game components and some customised car sheets that I created  a few years ago. This is always a very enjoyable game to play and usually results in a pretty spectacular end for one or more of the vehicles. I set up an industrial zone with some oil spills and smoke from power plants drifting across the board. In the end, the action was fought in the middle of the board, so these didn't make much of a difference to the outcome.

The two cars started in opposing corners, drove towards each other at high speed, firing missiles as they accelerated then rammed each other head on at speed 7, resulting in massive ram damage in Turn 3 of the game. They disengaged and then proceeded to hammer each other at close range, with my driver coming off very much the worse for wear, as the engine and front weapon pods were smashed to scrap metal. I managed to pull off a 3 point turn to bring my flamethrowers to bear but, with some very poor dice rolls did little damage, unlike the sprog who proceeded to blow my car to smithereens.

It didn't last very long but it was a fun game and we'll be taking it on holiday in a few weeks time as the sprog was suitably enthused and wants a re-match! 

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