Thursday, 1 June 2017

Talking of Tacship

I've found a revised record sheet for Tacship on Boardgamegeek, which is a cleaner and neater version of the one featured in the online SSFFW version of the rules. I might have a go at twiddling around with this a bit further to add a bit more customisation and some colour. I've also been considering ways in which I could organise the EM-4 plastic fighters into different factions, which is quite easy as some of them share similar design features, and how I can add some more spacecraft to build further units.

I do like the look of the Brigade Models 6mm Folgore multi-role fighter, which would scale well with the old Silent Death models, even if the rest of the Squadron Commander range doesn't really appeal that much. Anyway, I have more than enough to play around with just using the EM-4 plastic ships, so it's all systems go for a Tacship project this summer. I'll see if I can dig out the boxes of plastic space fighters when I get home from the holidays in a couple of days time.

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