Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tanks: Playtest Game

I tried out Tanks today using a couple of counters from Airfix Battles to stand in for model tanks, with one US Sherman M4 versus a German Panzer IV. The game ran pretty smoothly, as I only used two tanks with an upgrade card each, so it didn't take long to play through the basic scenario to a fair conclusion. In the end the Panzer IV suffered two hits and two criticals, one of which was a bail out, so I left it at that point rather than playing on to the end. I think the Sherman crew would count it as a victory, even though the panzer crew could have re-mounted their tank as it was still working and hadn't actually blown up. I enjoyed the game so will be looking around for some cheap pre-painted plastic or diecast tanks to use instead of the card counters, saving the plastic kits for use with my miniature wargaming projects.

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