Monday, 22 June 2020

Get That Shuttle!


Here they come!

Missed...rebel idiots!

Shall I wave at them as they go past?

Just got to pile on the power and we're away!

I know..let's turn around and give them what for!

What the *****

Oh bugger.


One fire!

Hello big boy.


I played another couple of games of X-Wing with the lad this afternoon, the first not lasting very long as I had a useless HWK-290 light freighter, which looked and performed as though it was made of cardboard. The second game went a bit further as I swapped over to a Lambda shuttle, which was way more cool, even if still a little bit hopeless. I had to get off the opposite table corner from my entry point, while the lads trio of X-Wings tried to stop me. I would have got away but my over confident pilot decided to turn back to teach the rebel scum a lesson, only to be blown up by the combined firepower of three X-Wings. It was good fun as always and I really liked the Lambda Shuttle, with it's nifty sensor jammers and heavy laser cannons, even if I lost in the end.

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