Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Table Air Combat

I spotted this series of WW2 tactical air combat rules when they were first published and thought at the time that they looked really interesting from a 'beer and pretzels' point of view. They remind me of the old Tabletop Games Microgame card and paper rules, which I played a lot when I was at school back in the early '80's. I still have a dog-eared copy of MTB, which is a great little coastal warfare game, but have lost my favourite set in the series, the Napoleonic Naval one. I played this game to destruction but it's now out of print, which is a real shame.

Anyway, there's a discounted bundle deal of Battle of Britain aircraft at Wargames Vault, including  the usual RAF fighters (Hurricane I / Spitfire II) and the Luftwaffe fighter and bomber opposition (Me109E, Me110, Ju87, Ju88, He111). There's also a free compendium of the rules available which will be handy as a reference. I have read some good reviews of the system, which uses a turn and movement template together with card counters representing pairs of aircraft, so I thought I'd give them a try. I'll print off the components and try them out this weekend, if I have the time.

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