Monday, 11 July 2016

What's it all about then?

Welcome to my one brain cell board wargaming blog. I have been an active wargamer for many years but primarily with miniatures rather than board games. I have recently found that a shortage of time to paint miniature figures and models has meant that my gaming has been a bit of an afterthought, with many of my projects piling up on the workbench to gather dust.

(I have another blog - Jim's Wargames Workbench - covering my on-going miniature wargaming projects:

As a result, I've made a sideways shift to re-discover board and card based wargaming, as a simple way to fit things in around work, family and all the other diversions that soak up my time. To keep things simple, I'm also sticking to uncomplicated, 'pick up and play' style games like X Wing and Wings of Glory although there are many other modern games that I'm planning to try out.

I also have a stash of old board games, many of which have been well-played and remain on my list of all time favourites. These include the classic hex skirmish games Cry Havoc, Siege and Samurai Blades, as well as Battlecars and Battlebikes from Games Workshop. There are some heavy weights in the collection too including Squad Leader, Up Front!, Storm over Arnhem, Panzer Leader and Tank Leader.

I have a long overdue holiday coming up in a few days, so it will be a chance to blow the dust off some old games and to punch out some new ones that I've recently added to the collection. One of these looks particularly interesting - Lock n' Load Publishing's Tank on Tank: West Front - so I'm looking forward to rolling the dice and moving little cardboard Tigers and Shermans about in the not too distant future.


  1. Hi Jim,

    Nice to hear that gaming is still there, it'll never go away!
    If you want to game at club at some point email me and I'll be happy to game - BoB for example?

    Take care fella,

  2. Cheers Gary,

    I'm away for a few weeks but will definitely be up for a game after the summer. BoB sounds like fun!

    All the best