Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Victory at Sea

I have a WW2 French fleet in 1/3000 scale for Victory at Sea but it has never seen action, which pretty much sums up the situation over the last twelve months or so. I have had the time to paint models but not to actually play any games with them, which means that they end up sitting in a box rather than being used, or they never get painted and end up balanced on top of the lead pile.

However, I've been exploring the potential of paper miniatures using the 'print and play' approach, which offers the advantage of assembling a large force of ships at minimum expense and in quick time. I'm starting out with the ship counters in the back of the Victory at Sea rule book, which I have colour photocopied onto thin card ready to be cut out, although I may laminate them first.

These will enable me to learn the rules (again) so that when I do have the time I will be in a good position to add some 'proper' opposition for the French fleet. In the meantime, I will take the rule book and counters on holiday over the summer, so that I can work through the various scenarios in the main rulebook and perhaps even try out a mini solo campaign or a series of linked games.

In the longer term, I also have my eye on the self adhesive paper miniatures produced by Topside Miniatures, which look absolutely splendid as you can see above, even if they are about the same cost as 1/3000 scale metal miniatures. The main thing putting me off is the cost of shipping to the UK and the inevitable dark shadow cast by HM Customs and Excise. I also have plenty of white metal models to be getting on with!


  1. The flat earth idea is a great way to get into Naval gaming, instant fleets ready for action. Enjoy

  2. Yes that's exactly what I've been thinking...cuts out a lot of the hassle and gets on with the actual wargaming!

  3. Jim,

    If ever your French fleet fancies taking on either my Italians or Royal Navy then happy to oblige.
    Let me know if and when you fancy a game and I'll happily give you a bash.

  4. Definitely up for a game some time after the Summer. I have almost entire French fleet, give or take some destroyers and subs, so ideal opposition for the Italians or even as Vichy French what if versus the RN.