Sunday, 24 July 2016

Topside Freebies

I spotted a freebie on the Topside Miniatures website yesterday so took advantage of the offer. There is a free example of a ship counter available so that you can try before you buy, which is a very good idea as the postage from the US isn't cheap even if the counters are very reasonable. You don't get to choose but that's not a big deal.

There's also a free set of simple WW2 naval rules that you can download, which look very suitable for a beer and pretzels style fast play game. They're well worth a look as an alternative to Victory at Sea or similar low complexity rules. I also have my eye on the Coronel and Falklands battle counter set that is available for only $12, which is excellent value and would be ideal for VaS Age of Dreadnoughts.

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