Monday, 26 September 2016

Airfix Battles First Impressions

I gave in and ordered a copy of Airfix Battles a couple of weeks ago but only just got round to opening the box for a quick rummage over the weekend. On first impressions it looks pretty good, with a sturdy box, robust well-printed counters and a well laid out set of rule and scenario booklets. I'm disappointed by the cards, however, which are a bit on the gaudy side of technicolour and feature generic artwork for the units involved.

I would have thought that, with the extensive range of box art in the Airfix back catalogue, that Modiphius could have designed more appropriate and varied artwork for their cards. A good example would be the Axis Veteran cards which feature the art from the 1/32nd scale German Fallschirmjager  box set but could have used the artwork from the 1/32nd scale multi-pose German Infantry box set instead, which would be far less specific and perhaps more appropriate?

It's just a minor grumble but seems even more obvious with the AFV cards. Anyway, I have some holiday time in a few weeks and will be off to North Wales to climb some mountains, visit castles and enjoy the scenery but, if the weather is as unpredictable as usual, I will definitely be getting some indoor time for wargaming. I'll pack Airfix Battles as one of my boardgames for the trip, so will be able to actually try out the game there and then.

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