Sunday, 4 September 2016

Airfix Battles

I've been seriously contemplating getting hold of a copy of the new introductory WW2 wargame, Airfix Battles, having initially dismissed it as just a marketing ploy by whoever owns Airfix these days (Taiwan? China? Canada? Who knows?). The more I've read about it and the more feedback that I've studied from players, the more I'm starting to like the idea. It seems as though it is actually a pretty good game design, a bit like a simplified stylistic version of Heroes of Normandie but with interesting card mechanics, which is one of the things I quite like in a game. You can even download both the rules and the scenario book to see how it works.

The big plus for me is that everything is included in the box set and figures, model tanks and so on are optional extras. I also like the artwork, having grown up on Airfix kits and HO/OO scale plastic figures, although the garish design of the cards and the slightly amateurish graphics of the counters are less attractive. Even so, for about £23 if you shop around, it's a pretty good package and offers the potential for proper 'beer and pretzels' entry level WW2 skirmish wargaming. In the longer term I also have some 25mm Valiant Miniatures US and German infantry left over from an abandoned Rapid Fire! project that would be perfect as a substitute for their cardboard counterparts.


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