Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tank on Tank: Eastfront - Unboxed

I ordered a copy of Tank on Tank: Eastfront at the back end of the holidays and it arrived in the post today. I'm a great enthusiast for the Tank on Tank system, so have been reading through the rules and scenarios to plan out a game or two for the weekend. For a start, the maps are double the size of the ones in Tank on Tank: Westfront and could be used for either of the games in the series, which opens up all sorts of possibilities.

The 1'' counters are all completely interchangeable, so I have even more units to deploy on the German side including Panzer IV's, Panthers, Tigers and now Pumas, which is excellent. There are supply dump and command post objective markers to use in scenarios and, at a push, some of the Italian units could even be used against the Americans on the Italian Front. This is a great addition to my beer and pretzels game collection and well worth the price tag!

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