Saturday, 3 September 2016

Tiny Tin Troops Ancient Ship Counters

My order from Tiny Tin Troops was waiting in the post when I returned from my holiday a couple of days ago and I've had the time to unpack the sheets and study them in detail. There are five A5 sized sheets of warships in the Peloponnesian Wars set, with twelve larger galleys and three smaller galleys per sheet. These are all beautifully drawn in full colour and with plenty of detail.

There are several different types of galley in the set including aphracts, cataphracts and pentekonters, so more than enough to equip two fleets for Poseidon's Warriors, for example. The larger galleys are a standard 20mm x 75mm, so I've ordered some 2mm lasercut mdf bases from Warbases on which to mount them, so that they will be more robust, which is what the guidelines recommend.

I can also colour code the edges of the bases to distinguish between the Persians, the Athenians and the Allied fleets. I'm very impressed by these card counters and will definitely be expanding my fleets with some more sets for the Carthaginian Wars. These sets are excellent value for money for such a high quality product and at a fraction of the cost of their metal equivalent.


  1. Sounds like a good deal Jim; would like to see them at some point

  2. I went for the 1/600 scale sheet, so the ships would be a decent size, although 1/1200 would probably be better for fleet scale actions.

  3. At this scale, can you please tell me the approx. size of counters? Thanks, Randy

  4. Sorry and disregard last comment - just reread and see you did mention the size.