Monday, 26 September 2016

The Battle of Little Wootton

The sprog missed out on the game of Samurai Blades yesterday, so I set up a game of Cry Havoc for him after school today, using a scenario from Additional Scenarios Book One - The Battle of Little Wootton. This involved two rival knghts and their retainers trying to recruit some revolting peasants from the local village for a pitched battle, which can be played out in the second half of the scenario.

I took on the role of Sir James, accompanied by a sergeant and crossbowman, while the lad was represented by Sir Thomas, a sergeant and a shortbowman. We approached the village from opposite ends and proceeded to persuade the pungent residents to join our respective sides. This was achieved by standing within three hexes of them for a whole turn then rolling a D10 to see how they reacted.


Sir James started out quite well and managed to pick up a couple of the filthy yokels straight away, whilst Sir Thomas struggled to persuade them of the virtues of his cause, perhaps because he parked his trusty steed on top of their geraniums. However, things started to go downhill fast once the two rival gangs bumped into one another in the middle of the village street.

The bowman in Sir Thomas' faction managed to wipe out two of Sir James peasants and his crossbowman in quick succession, whilst Sir James' sergeant lost the gift of the gab and failed miserably to win over any replacements. He was instead surrounded by no less than four opponents and hacked to bits. This left Sir James cut off by the mob in the street, so he decided that discretion was the better part of valour and legged it.

In the end Sir James left empty handed and with his entire force wiped out, whilst Sir Thomas rode away with a seven strong gang of smelly peasants and only some minor injuries. I did manage to wound the annoyingly talented shortbowman but this was too late to make any real difference to the outcome. This was another cracking game and we both had a great time, despite the one sided outcome, so I'll be playing Cry Havoc again soon.

Oi...get off my land!

(and I've also found my old box of Viking I'll be giving that a dust off soon too!)


  1. Such a great game :)
    Never put my aspiration to do a miniatures version into reality!

  2. So you thrashed the boy and then claimed he had a good time? really? Have you been taking lessons from Just Jack's treatment of his son in the Hakuna Matata wars?

  3. Actually, he thrashed me...which is the usual result. He takes no prisoners!