Thursday, 3 August 2017

Airfix Battles: Scenario 1 - Allied Breakthrough!

I had a very bored sprog to deal with this afternoon, having confiscated his I-Pad and phone due to excessive use of the internet, so we decided to crack open the Airfix Battles box and playtest the introductory scenario, Link Up with HQ! / Halt the Allied Breakthrough!. This was a change of plan but worked out really well in the end, as we both really enjoyed the game, even if we had to pack it up half way through due to dinner time.

The sprog took the Wehrmacht and I took the Yanks, with the scenario giving us even forces of a captain, a four man veteran squad and two regular rifle squads of ten men each. The aim of the scenario was to inflict three points of damage on the enemy, which equated to the captain or a couple of squads. This seemed to be pretty straightforward, or so I thought. However, I hadn't taken account of the way the rules actually work, using card play to add a real twist to the game.

The really neat thing about this game is the use of Command Cards to issue orders and to interrupt or disrupt the enemy, throwing a card shaped spanner into the works when they least expect it. I thought this was a brilliant element of the system and happily stonked the Krauts with artillery and then assaulted their shell shocked infantry unit using my hand of special cards in Turn 2. This was rather effective and the US commander was very pleased with himself as a result.

However, the cards work both ways and the sprog used his to great effect to both neutralise the impact of my bombardment and repel my assault, with disastrous consequences for the morale of the US infantry unit involved, which ended up retreating at high speed to the rear. By the end of the game, I had taken loads of casualties while the sprog had taken only a handful, so it was a definite win for the Wehrmacht, even if the game was called off due to spaghetti. 

We have agreed that a re-match is required but this time we are going to use the armour rules and play out the third scenario instead of number one or two. This will be an interesting game, as we both have a grasp of the basic mechanics and the importance of playing your cards right, but still have some room for further practice. I'll post an after action report when the dust has settled, with the Yanks keen to even the score, this time from the turret of a Sherman!


  1. I'll be interested to see how this goes. My youngest is very much into his 1:32 scale Airfix soldiers. This might be just the thing for him come Christmas.

  2. I think it's pretty good, although we've only had one game and made the usual mistakes along the way. I'm hoping to have another game in the next couple of days.