Monday, 21 August 2017

Table Air Combat: I-16's vs Ju-87 Stukas

I have decided to try out the Air Strike scenario from the Ju-87 Stuka set, substituting I-16 Ishak fighters for the Hurricanes Mk I's in the original set up. The scenario will obviously shift to the summer of 1941 and Operation Barbarossa, with the Stukas attempting to dive bomb a Soviet radio mast, represented by the Radar Receiver target template, rather than a Chain Home Radar station. It will be interesting to see how the I-16's with their weak armament but high manoeuvrability, cope against the Stukas, which are also fairly handy if under-armed. I hope the rear gunners have had their ersatz coffee for breakfast and are wide awake! I don't fancy the Soviet's chances, unless they do something fairly drastic?

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