Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Table Air Combat: Heinkel III

I've assembled the counters and templates for the Table Air Combat Heinkel He-III medium bomber, although I forgot to print more than one copy of the sheets, so only have a single flight of four aircraft and two counters. This makes it a bit tricky when choosing scenarios to play but, with a little bit of adaptation I will be able to set up at least two from the Table Air Combat 'official' scenario selection.

I can also easily devise some of my own including an arctic convoy anti-shipping strike by torpedo armed Heinkel He-III H6 of I./KG 26, which would be a bit different for a start. In the meantime, I'll adapt both the Straggler scenario from the B-17 set and the Scramble! scenario from the Spitfire II set, using the Heinkel He-III in place of the bombers in both games. In the meantime, here's the usual background video to set the scene:

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