Sunday, 20 August 2017

Table Air Combat: I-16 Ishak / Rata

I fancied a bit of a change from the Battle of Britain, so have cut out and glued together the counters and turn template for the I-16 Ishak fighter. This has the smallest template of any fighter in the collection, largely due to it's high manoeuvrability and relatively light wing loading. In fact, the I-16 gets a special variation of the Immelmann turn, costing only one rather than two energy points.

As I've already altered the special manoeuvre rules to one energy point per turn anyway, I'll give the I-16 the ability to Immelmann for free once a turn, which will give the same advantage over other aircraft. I'll just use the I-16 for Operation Barbarossa scenarios, so it will be up against the Bf-109E, Bf-100C, Ju-87B Stuka and the Heinkel III, which will be more than enough for some exciting dogfights. In fact, I'll kick off with the standard Dogfight scenario today, using Bf-109's as the opposition. Za Rodina!

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