Saturday, 19 August 2017

Table Air Combat: Scramble!

We played the Scramble! scenario from the free Spitfire II set yesterday, with two sections of Spitfires intercepting four Heinkel III's escorted by a schwarm of Bf-109's. This gave us an equal number of four counters per side, so we moved by elements rather than individual counters, using the standard initiative rules. I can't help thinking that initiative would work better if it was similar to the experience based system in Bag the Hun but that's another story.

The game was hard fought, with the RAF intercepting the bombers with one section, while the  other one tackled the fighters. The bombers adopted a straight up the middle approach to their mission objective, which was to fly off the opposite edge of the playing area with minimal losses. The escorts meanwhile attempted to use the Bf-109's superior energy rating and cannon armament to shoot up the Spitfires before they could get close enough to the bombers to cause any damage.

The RAF managed to get several attacks on the bomber formation and craftily stayed out of range of their machine guns but failed to cause much damage due to the heavy airframe rating of the Heinkels and the lack of cannon to boost their damage roll. In the end, one bomber was shot down for the loss of a three Spitfires, with two Bf-109's also failing to return to their airfield in France. This meant that the scenario was a decisive victory for the Luftwaffe, despite the best efforts of the RAF.

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