Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Table Air Combat: Stukas!

The next aircraft to be added to the Table Air Combat: Battle of Britain roster is the iconic Ju-87B Stuka, which will be featuring in at least two or three games over the next couple of days. The first of these will be the Chain Home scenario, which involves a strike on a radar station escorted by a rotte of Bf-109e's. This should be an interesting game as the RAF Spitfires will have their hands full tackling the fighters and the dive bombers at the same time. I've also edited some merchant ship counters from the B25H set to use as a coastal convoy, which will make a stonking target for the Stukas and the basis of a decent Kanalkampf scenario. Bombs Away!


  1. I will be interested to hear about your TAC Stuka encounters. When I play Stukas vs RAF it did not feel (to me) as if the Stuka was disadvantaged as it seems historically depicted.

    Hoping to see some more ETO coastal ship counters (Vorpostenboote trawlers, etc.) coming down the TAC pipeline! There is a U-boat in the new PBY set.


  2. I'll have to find out how the Stuka performs...I'll let you know how I get on.