Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Table Air Combat: Chain Home

I played the Chain Home scenario this evening, with the sprog flying for the Luftwaffe and myself for the RAF. The mission involved a kette of Ju-87B Stukas, escorted by a schwarm of Bf-109E's attacking a radar station, while the RAF attempted to shoot them down with a flight of Spitfire II's. I didn't plot the moves this time round to speed up the game and we also moved the counters as elements, which is suggested in the scenario briefing for the same reason.

The game was pretty fast moving with the Luftwaffe losing two Stukas early in the game but things evened out half way through, with the German fighter pilots co-ordinating their fire with that of the Stuka rear gunners, to shoot down five of the Spitfires for the loss of only one more Stuka. It was game over for the British when the lone surviving Stuka successfully blew the radar station to smithereens with two direct hits. The unscathed Luftwaffe fighters then made a quick getaway, turning a marginal win into a total victory!

Both of us really enjoyed the game, even if it was interrupted half way through and literally blown away a couple of times by the wind. I used the simplified 'one energy point for special manoeuvres' rule change, which worked well and didn't unbalance the scenario, so I'll be adopting the same approach from now on. I think we'll do a fighter vs fighter game next time round, followed by another bombing mission when the sprog's had a dogfight to practice his skills, not that he needs to at this rate!

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