Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cardboard Coastal Warfare

I mentioned to Tony at Tiny Tin Troops that I'd be really interested in some 1/600 scale WW2 coastal warfare counter sets, if he was looking for another line to explore in addition to his ancient naval galleys. I was, therefore, really surprised to find that he'd already had a go at creating some MTB counters as an experiment for a friend, one of which he attached to an email to show me what they looked like.

The MTB counter example took a long time to design due to the amount of detail that Tony added, which is to a high level of accuracy. I think it looks great. These counters would be excellent as a replacement for the rather dull ones used in MTB, for example, as well as substitutes for miniatures with other conventional rules. I really hope he decides to pick up this idea and take it further including S boats, R boats, VP boats, MGB's, MTB's and so on.

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