Sunday, 14 August 2016

Poseidon's Warriors

I'm pinching a really neat from the Meeples and Miniatures blog. The idea is to use Osprey Publishing's Poseidon's Warriors miniatures ancient naval rules with 2D card counters from the Tiny Tin Troops range of pre-printed, full colour ships. I've ordered a 1/600th scale set for the Peloponnesian Wars, which is a good conflict to start with as there are plenty of potential actions and several battle scenarios in the rules. The set only cost a fiver plus a quid for postage, so far cheaper than the metal option, even though I do already have some of the 1/600th scale Xyston models stashed away for ancient naval gaming. This will be an experiment for me in using card flats instead of three dimensional metal miniatures, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. 



    Same idea, different era...Have you seen these counters for David Manley's Medieval "Lord of the Seas" game? Cheers, Randy

  2. Yes indeed. The chap who produced the counters for Lords of the Sea is a fellow club member. I really like the theme of LOTS so should give it a try. Thanks Randy.