Monday, 8 August 2016

Paper Ancient Naval Warfare

I've been searching the internet for good quality paper and card miniatures for naval gaming and came across this range of pre-printed ancient warships. The range includes entire fleets of galleys for the Roman Republic, the Carthaginians, the Alexandrian Successor States, the Peloponnesian War and just about every other conflict you could wish for:

They are laser printed in full colour and in two sizes, with most available in 1/600th and some in 1/1200th scale. I've been thinking of doing ancient naval for ages but have been put off by the need to paint loads of ships before being able to game fleet level actions, so this range is an excellent solution. I just need some really simple 'beer and pretzel' about Poseidon's Warriors?


  1. Some free fold-over ships to test rules or play on the cheap..