Sunday, 7 August 2016

Table Air Combat P40E Kittyhawk

I took advantage of the recent release of the P40 Kittyhawk set for Table Air Combat the other day, as it was on special offer at only £1.13, so even cheaper than usual:

This set is different from the others in the series as it feature counters for four different air forces including the RAF, the RAAF, the VVS and the Chinese Nationalist 'Flying Tigers'. The template doesn't distinguish between the different variants of the P40, with the Kittyhawk and Warhawk all using the same statistics for defence and firepower, airframe and flight characteristics. If you wanted to factor this in it wouldn't be difficult and it doesn't really affect the game. A couple of the scenarios use the P40B Tomahawk and there is a simple modification of the firepower dice to reflect the different armament compared to the later models.

This is a very versatile set and it would be great to see a similar multi-scheme counter approach for other aircraft that were flown by various air forces, such as the B25 Mitchell or the A20 Havoc / Boston, for example. I've read that there are more Japanese and Soviet aircraft in the pipeline but it would be great if some more RAF and Fleet Air Arm fighters and bombers were to appear at some point, especially if they included more ground and naval targets too.

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  1. I've been seeing the TAC stuff appear on Wargames Vault for a while and been tempted by them, so I'll be very interested to see you report on how it plays Jim