Sunday, 28 August 2016

X Wing Squadron Forward

I was thinking about some sort of solo mini-campaign for X Wing, with a narrative to link together a series of scenarios and a pilot advancement focus to build in a role play element to the campaign. I tried to find something like this using my Googlefu but didn't get very far, with most X Wing campaigns being multiplayer ladder style efforts.

I then remembered the Squadron Forward supplement for Toofatlardies Bag the Hun air combat rules, which was exactly what I was looking for. Although designed for WW2 the basic mechanisms could be adapted for the Star Wars universe and X Wing rules system without too much difficulty.

The Squadron Forward campaign system enables you to develop  a number of character profiles for pilots in a typical WW2 unit, with background, personality traits and attributes. This then builds into a scenario development tool, with the characters progressing through each mission, complete with advancements in skills and promotions.

It would need some further tinkering to incorporate the upgrade cards in place of Bag the Hun pilot skills and experience levels, but it is a definite option instead of the squad building system in X Wing. I'll see if I can work something out on paper and have a go at creating backgrounds for an X Wing pilot or two.

I am also going to play around with X Wing Squadron Builder to see if I can cut a few corners with book keeping:

It's one of the various X Wing spreadsheet programmes that you can find online and should make it easier to record the various upgrade cards and components that I can equip a squadron with in the rules.

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