Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I decided to have a go at the old Tabletop Games MTB, which was originally published way back in 1977 and which I played to destruction back in the day. This is now out of print but I managed to get hold of a copy a few years ago when it was re-published, then stashed it away and forgot about it. The rights to this series of paper and card wargames are owned by Hurlbat Games but they have yet to re-publish this one and my other favourite, the Micro Fleet: Napoleonic Naval set.

So, I have now cut out all of the ships, damage counters, turning templates and movement rulers, ready for a game tomorrow at some point. This is a very straightforward 'beer and pretzels' style game, with everything included apart from a couple of D6, a tape measure, some pencils and a table to play on. The ship counters feature generic MTB's, MGB's, E Boats, R Boats and Trawlers, together with a convoy of Merchant Ships, 'F-Lighters' and a Tanker.

The introductory blurb from the rule book says:


The time 1942/43, the place is the English Channel. The scene set is that of the almost continual battle for supremacy between the small boat navies of Germany and Great Britain. The prize for both sides is two-fold: first, the elimination of the other's coastal convoys, and second, the control of this narrow and dangerous stretch of water.

The majority of ships involved were, for the Germans, R and E boats and, for the British, MGBs and MTBs. Both sides also pressed into service, as convoy escorts and minesweepers, trawlers from their fishing fleets.

The game MTB re-creates the main aspect of this battle: that of the attack and defence of coastal convoys. You control a small but powerful force of these craft and your orders are, as the  attacker, to destroy as many enemy ships as you are able in one attack and, as the defender, to beat off the attack and get your convoy through.

It will be interesting to see if they stand up to the test of time?

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