Friday, 5 August 2016


I played a game of Dungeon! this morning with the kids, just to keep them busy before we headed off for the beach. This is a very simple dungeon crawl game based in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, with a party of adventurers competing to kill monsters and grab treasure.

The game we played was won by the fighter, who decided to go deep into Level 4 to maximise his treasure haul at the risk of a premature sticky end. This paid off but not before he'd taken a severe beating at the hands of an evil dwarf.

The cleric was finished off by a Level 3 zombie but the rogue managed to survive, even though losing a large amount of his treasure to a series of nasty Level 3 monsters. It's a pretty basic game and aimed primarily at kids but good fun nonetheless and great as an introduction to roleplaying.

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